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About Us

"The Lumber is hand graded from our hands to yours in order to make sure every customer is left with a smile."


From the front of our order desk, to the salesmen, from the lumber yard workers, to our order clerk and truck drivers, T. M. Wood Products ensures that with our years of experience and resources we provide you with the utmost quality, service and dedication to innovation with our hardwood lumber solutions.

T. M. Wood Products has been specializing in quality hardwood since 2007 providing our customers with special widths, lengths, color and grade sorts. Needing high volumes of hardwood lumber in specific standard grades T. M. Wood products should be first on your list. If it rains on your parade, no big deal we ensure on time delivery, tarping the lumber and other services that meet the buyer’s request. In places where there is a train provided T.M. Wood uses this means of transportation to send the lumber in containers in order for the buyer to receive there lumber in quality condition.


In the office, we provide enough customer service enabling that there is a truck picking up the right lumber and is shipped to your location. After the trip has been made T. M. Wood products ensures that there is enough trips to be made in order to make sure that the trucking companies that we work side by side with are back at home to spend time with their family.


It’s a very big world out there, and we want to ensure that you have more than one choice to choose from.  Every inspector has many years of experience, taking special care in grading every board that comes to the lumberyard, to give every client the quality level they expect.


T.M. Wood Products is honored in serving you in providing with your hardwood needs. Serving our customers with good quality lumber since 2007. When you choose T.M. Wood Products you are choosing hardwood in high quality, service and dedication. Make us number one on your list. We look forward to doing buisness with you!